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It's a meme coin based of a fictional character aiming to create a better world by creating a new civilisation on MARS

Hi, I’m Suielon Coin

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SUIELON Tokens will be issued on the Sui-Chain.


Majority of the SUIELON tokens will be airdrop from time to time to our community whom we called the Suielonians.  Communities will participate in various campaigns and be rewarded with our token airdrop. We encourage our Suielonians to expand our community and build bigger colony by referring and inviting friends to join. This at the same time will also help to grow the SUI general community. Let's do this together.

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The SUIELON tokens can also be used to stake and earn more tokens for the ELONEX.IO decentralised anonymous token swapper. 

Rewards will also be given via using the ELONEX.IO products.


The SUIELON tokens will also support the team operations and development to do more such as exploring, research & development and trials for new products. 

This period of time is the best way to discover new products and anticipate for the next bull run. 

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We'd Love to Hear From You. Here's How You Can Reach Us

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